Sofos Energy, based in Lleida where it has its headquarters, has been active in the field of renewable energies since 2004, specialists in “turnkey” facilities of photovoltaic solar energy for auto consumption and off-grid photovoltaic installations.

We take care of the designing and planning of the projects, processing permits, the supply of materials and construction, legalization and subsequent maintenance of the facilities, to ensure the highest service quality.


Sofos Energy has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, solidly formed and in constant evolution and growth, consisting of engineers, technicians, sales agents and administration personnel. We bet for talent, collaboration and joint efforts to achieve the best results. And for that, we have highly skilled professionals with a vocation for teamwork providing the best of themselves in each project.

Research is one of our top priorities and the commitment to provide the highest quality and efficiency in the field of renewable energies, adapting to the needs of each client.

We also have our own team of assembly operators for the construction of renewable energy facilities, plus a large number of partner companies.

Raúl Martínez
Raúl MartínezGeneral Manager
Miguel Jarque
Miguel JarqueSales Department
Francesca Ibáñez
Francesca IbáñezMaintenance and administrative processing department
Sergio Alegre
Sergio AlegreConstruction and Operation department
Carla García
Carla GarcíaAdministration department


Sofos España
Sofos Energia, SL
Polígon CIM – Els Frares
Vial A, Nave 5
25191 Lleida
Tel. 973 224 869