Sofos Jamaica is the leader in solar installations in the country, with a portfolio of important projects developed in the area.

Sofos Jamaica makes self-consumption PV systems interconnected with the grid and systems “Net Billing” also self-consumption, allowing sell excess power generated by the PV plant to the grid.

David Pijuan, Country Manager of Sofos Jamaica, explains the process of internationalization of Sofos Energy initiated in 2009-2010, the starts in the Caribbean and, more specifically, in Jamaica, a country where Sofos has a delegation.

Sofos Energy has expanded and consolidated in recent years its expansion in the Caribbean and Latin America. As a result of this expansion, currently has its headquarters in Spain (Lleida), also it has a corporate branch in the city of Miami in the United States and offices in Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico and El Salvador.

In countries where it operates Sofos is an industry leader and offers the realization “turnkey” photovoltaic plants connected to the grid (mainly subsistence) for the commercial and industrial sectors.

In addition, the vocation of leadership and international presence allow Sofos Energy act with maximum competitiveness in the execution of large international projects of photovoltaic solar energy.