Sofos is a leading company with an international presence in numerous countries where it provides solar energy facilities.

We offer our services in Spain and America. By the end of 2019, Sofos had taken on more than 350 projects and installed 35 MW in capacity.

Since the initiation of our work in 2004 in Lleida (Spain), and thanks to its renewable energy solutions, Sofos has played an important role in achieving greater competitiveness.

In 2010, we decided to open new markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, where we export our know-how and commitment to a long term presence there, with the characteristic leadership we have held since our beginnings.

Sofos’ main advantage, something in which we take pride, is its multidisciplinary team, which is comprised primarily by engineers, adapting projects to the needs of each customer. This edge, together with the values of honesty and continued service, is a great added- value.

For these reasons, we encourage visitors to Sofos Energía’s website to make an investment for today and tomorrow in renewable energies that will make them more competitive while taking care of the environment.