Juan Mayoral, President and CEO of Sofos Group, received the award in Miami and also participated as speaker in one of the talks of the day

Sofos Energía received in Miami the CREF 2017 award in the category of Best Distributed Generation Project for the solar photovoltaic installation made for the electric company Grenlec in different locations of the Caribbean island of Grenada, with a total installed capacity of 1 MW. Juan Mayoral, President and CEO of Sofos Group, received the award on October 19 and participated as speaker in one of the talks of the 2017 CREF Project Awards.

CREF (Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum) is the largest annual gathering of the Caribbean renewable energy market that this year took place from October 18 to 20 in Miami. The winners in this contest represented a wide spectrum of size and technology and were given to the most innovative and financially compelling renewable energy projects carried out in the region in the last year.


The installation made by Sofos in Grenada, the first of its characteristics on the Caribbean island, is a very complete project, since it includes a part of installation on roof, one on the parking roof, one on the side of a mountain and another on ground. It was a great challenge for both Sofos and Grenlec and demonstrates the will and commitment of these two companies with renewable energy and distributed generation. This project also demonstrates how adaptable, versatile and scalable solar energy is by assuming a democratization in the production and consumption of energy with environmentally sustainable sources.

One of the innovative aspects of the project was the realization of part of the installation on the mountainside that surrounds the complex of Queen’s Park Power Station, taking advantage of its own inclination. It was also innovative the use of parking spaces (on Grenlec headquarter car park) and roofs (on the roof of Queen’s Park Power Station), as well as a fixed installation on ground in Plains Parcel. In this way a power of 1 MW could be achieved in different spaces, at a price of competitive installation and without massive use of land and injecting energy at different points in the grid.


It should be remembered that fossil fuel power generation on islands such as Grenada has a very high cost. Therefore, solar energy, with a very competitive cost, represents an interesting investment in areas with high solar radiation like the Caribbean islands.

In addition, the project implies a positive value for the customers, since it avoids the combustion of fossil energies for the generation of electrical energy. This has two very important advantages: the economic savings in the costs of this generation and the reduction of polluting emissions.

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October 23, 2017