Sofos Jamaica has executed more than 75% of the assembly of the structure and of the panels, as well as the whole of the foundation hardware and the pull tests of the whole park

Sofos Jamaica, the subsidiary in the Caribbean country of the Spanish multinational group Sofos Energy, participated on Thursday, June 22, at the inauguration of the 28.5 MW DC (20 MW AC) photovoltaic farm of Content, promoted by WRB Energy in Content Village, Jamaica, and which will produce 42,750 MWh per year. Sofos Jamaica has made more than 75% of the assembly of the structure and solar panels, all of the bolts of foundation, as well as the pull tests of the whole park and other engineering parts of this photovoltaic installation, the largest in Jamaica and the Caribbean region of the West Indies.

The Official Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Content Solar took place yesterday, at the site of the project, located at Content, York Site, Clarendon, and was attended by the Honorable Andrew Wheatley, Jamaica’s Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, who delivered the opening speech. Under the motto “Harvesting the Sun”, the event was attended by a wide representation of all the national and international entities involved, as well as the main companies that have participated in the project.

For this park, the North American group WRB has invested 63 million USD and has received funding of 47 million USD by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the U.S. Government’s Development Finance Institution.

Sofos Energy is present in Spain, where the headquarters are located, and in the American continent, with a corporate headquarters in Miami (USA) and with its own offices in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil and Mexico. In this way, Sofos facilitates the realization of any project in the American continent.

From Sofos Jamaica‘s offices in Kingston, in constant collaboration with Sofos Energy’s headquarters in Spain, Sofos Jamaica performs the design and project planning. Sofos Jamaica is also responsible for processing the permits, the supply of materials and construction, legalization and subsequent maintenance of the facilities, to ensure the highest quality of the service.


June 23, 2017

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