We have extensive experience in the execution of solar energy farms. We take care of the design and execution of EPC, BoS projects, as well as other necessary services (pull-tests, geotechnical and drainage studies, engineering of details, etc.), even operation and maintenance (O&M) services. Everything we offer is fully customized to the needs of each developer.

EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) contracts cover all the services needed to carry out the projects, from land studies to engineering, supply of building materials, construction (execution of civil engineering works, mounting of panels, BT/MT electrical installations, communication and monitoring systems, alarm systems, auxiliary systems, etc.) and commissioning.

Insofar as contracts for EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) and BoS (Balance of Systems), we offer pile driving and bolting, mounting of structures and solar panels, as well as low-voltage and medium-voltage facilities, just to name some of the most important services we provide.

For all of this we offer services that cover not only the countries where we have offices, but throughout all of America and anywhere in the world, on demand.


We are specialists in self-consumption solar plants with wide experience in the design and building of this type of facilities for the commercial and industrial sectors. Most outstanding is our experience in roof deck facilities, using space that otherwise, most likely, would be nonproductive.

Self-consumption solar energy systems are especially recommended for customers who require great amounts of energy, and wish to increase their profitability and save on energy bills, by decreasing their dependence on the grid and through the use of a clean energy source that respects the environment, as solar power does.

Self-consumption systems are comprised of solar panels that generate direct current electricity using radiation from the sun, and inverters to transform that electricity into alternating current electricity to make it available for later use and for use in batteries for the storage of surplus production, in order to comply with any legal requirements.

This is a well-developed and reliable technology, composed of easily-mounted PV modules that can be added on to once installed.

Sofos offers its own duly approved zero injection system, to prevent the injection of energy into the grid, and thus comply with the legislation of those markets where regulation of Net Metering or the sale of surplus electricity is nonexistent.


We offer our customers new sources of renewable energy in order to provide them opportunities to obtain clean energy from additional sources, such as plant biomass, cogeneration and biogas, geothermal and wind power, etc.

We have experience in other highly efficient types of energy, thanks to our participation in the construction of large wind power farms.


Sofos offers Operation and Maintenance (O&M) to cover the entire lifecycle of solar power plants. This service includes: monitoring and remote supervision, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and administrative management. All O&M tasks are carried out by highly experienced qualified personnel.

The aim of Sofos is to optimize the performance of solar plant facilities in order to ensure the highest possible energy output and to offer overall support to our customers in all matters regarding each solar plant.

Sofos has developed a monitoring system that enables greater adaptability and continued enhancement of solutions.

We have a website where, among other things, each customer can access its own personal space to visualize the working of its power facility in real time, consult historical information, and download any information needed.


1. Commercial Advice

We offer personalized handling of each customer, thanks to our service of customer proximity that includes the presence of local sales personnel with deep knowledge of local market details. We aim to make a difference, by listening to customer needs and transmitting them to the technical team in order to achieve the best solution for each case.

A sales advisor is assigned to each of our customers for the duration of each phase of work, and that way customers always have a contact person to ensure that their expectations are met.

2. Presales Engineering

Sofos has a Presales Engineering team, thanks to which precision studies can be made for customers in order to help them in their decision to choose the innumerable advantages of solar energy.

Pre-Engineering and Engineering:

  • Land or site studies required for construction.
  • Designs in compliance with legal requirements (both local and international).
  • Optimization of solar power system design.

3. Detailed Engineering

Sofos has an Engineering department that performs detailed design of each facility, based on the following concepts:

  • Charge analysis.
  • Analysis of preliminary studies.
  • Reports and plans of civil engineering works.
  • Reports and plans of structures.
  • Electricity reports and plans.
  • Project measurement (benchmarking).

4. Handling of Permits

The handling of all the local permits needed for project construction.

5. Execution

Specialists in turnkey projects:

  • Project Management that handles all phases of the work.  We adjust the management team to the needs of each project, and assign qualified personnel to each project based on the requirements of each work.
  • Total construction of the project, from the civil work, to the mounting structures and panels, to the completion of electric and communications installations.

Specialists in facility installations.

  • We have a highly qualified and diverse team of professionals who can provide solutions for any part of a facility installation, both in the phase involving the Mounting of Panels and Structures, as well as the Low-Voltage and Medium-Voltage electricity installations.

Specialists in Comissioning y CAP Testing:

  • During the construction and termination of installations, we perform different tests to check and certify their correct working order and ensure the start-up of the system.

6. Maintenance and monitoring

When a facility goes into operation, Sofa’s monitoring system starts up, and the service of Operation & Maintenance begins.

The Maintenance Department is in charge of the supervision of the plant’s operation, monitoring the latter and performing any preventive or corrective actions needed. Likewise, this department provides customer support for any technical or administrative issue that may arise due to changes in legislation, relationship with market representative, etc.